BenchLife: Managing Your Life in the Lab

Getting Started in Lab

Be a Better Labmate

Stay Focused and Motivated in Lab

Take Charge of Your BenchLife

Mastering Mindless Tasks

  • Training Your Autopilot – even if your mind wanders during a repetitive assay, your body will always know what to do
  • Assay Pipetting – prevent the horrible ‘Oh no! Did I already add substrate to that tube?!’ feeling with this simple system
  • When in Doubt, Throw it Out – how can just a few words save days, weeks and even months of time? Take a few minutes to learn them
  • Send Email Without the Worry – clicking ‘send’ prematurely can be one of the scariest moments in email. Never send an accidental email again with these tips and resources

.Lab Resources

Model Organism Primers

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