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Advanced video controls designed specifically for scientists make
creation, collaboration, and recognition a snap.
The premier video platform for scientists.

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Following the leader is fine. Being the leader is better.
Why do leaders choose private video hosting? They use video strategically to engage, sell, and support customers. Videos uploaded to YouTube drive traffic to...YouTube, where your video plays right next to a competitor's. Not exactly an optimized funnel. You'll also want to check a map of your customers since YouTube videos don't play everywhere. In short, not taking control of your videos is risky and unreliable—two words leaders generally don't associate with success.
73% of best-in-class companies use a video management platform, like BenchFly.

Welcome to the future of scientific training

Researchers turn to the internet first for product and protocol demonstrations
How to create bacterial spreader on computer
Whether you're a VP of Marketing looking to increase sales, a Product Manager aiming to provide support, or an Academic intent on streamlining training, one thing is true: when your audience has a problem, they go to the internet in search of a solution. Guess what they're looking for?
You guessed it, video! Science is a very physically-demanding discipline, where the slightest variation in technique may be the difference between success and failure. So when it comes to your time, money, and techniques, do you think they want to try to figure it out from text, or just be shown?