FlyGirl: Life’s Stain Removers

FlyGirl: Life's Stain RemoversDear FlyGirl,

Do you have any advice on how to get out a stain from the one pair of dress pants that I own?  My girlfriend said club soda is supposed to work, but I’ve never liked dipping my napkin in a drink and wiping myself at dinner, especially if I am with people I’m trying to impress. It’s probably time that I learn some discretion.




Dear Dan,

The timing of your question could not be better.  After all, we have arrived at the long Labor Day weekend, which marks the transition out of the easy breezy summer mentality and back into the hardworking fall frame of mind.  People seem to become more serious, fashion suits up with more structure, and Mother cracks a whip that keeps us sharp on our toes.  So wouldn’t it be nice if this Labor Day, we committed to making some of those mundane tasks and life annoyances less, well, laborious?! Here are a few suggestions to removing life’s proverbial stains.

Spill Solution

Naturally It's Clean stain remover

NaturallyClean Stain Eraser

I have conducted extensive research in the stain removal department because I inherited the spilling gene (I leave it to you to actually locate its home on the genome).  As we know, it only takes one glass of wine or busted pen to turn your well-maintained demeanor into a frantic and somehow apologetic disaster.  Thankfully NaturallyClean Stain Eraser wipes by Enzyme Fresh Home realized that removing a simple mistake should not remove all of your confidence! These wipes erase EVERYTHING without any incriminating halo that other stain removers often leave.  Perhaps even better, the single packets fit discretely into every pant pocket and wallet.  Simply remove the wipe, remove the stain, and carry on with your life!


Feminine Booster

Ladies, isn’t it ironic that every month when our bodies are most feminine we feel, oh how shall I say this politely, like a beast that’s been dragged through the mud?  As if you did not feel badly enough, if you are in public and have to suddenly excuse yourself to the ladies room, the last thing you want to do is have to display the evidence of why you’re scooting.  Perhaps growing up you tried the tampon-up-the-sleeve or maxi pad-in-between-your-books methods of carrying supplies.  Though clever and creative, they were unsuccessful in diminishing the unwarranted embarrassment a girl felt when scurrying down the hallway the bathroom.  Well now you are an adult requiring adult solutions.  I suggest these two for their subtle and strong support (respectively) of femininity.

Bombshell tampon holders from Uncommon Goods

Uncommon goods tampon cases

Buy Her Bag Not Her Body

The Nomi Network supports survivors and at-risk women of sex trafficking.  Learn more at

Nomi network: Sorn bon fruit wallet


Berocca Performamce TabletsBerocca Performance

Quality labor requires quality rest in order to recover and recharge.  However, we all know that getting a good’s nights rest is not always a possibility.  Regardless of whether you were up late working, soothing a screaming child or toasting to a successful group meeting, you need to be able to function the following day.  Beakers and solvents do not care why you are not rested.  So go into work with no excuses.

While working in South Africa, a coworker introduced me to this vitamin packed tablet, which is actually made in England and now available in the U.S.  It is now my global solution to my very acute fatigue.  I also use it as a preventive method to thwarting off a most unwelcome cold.  If you are at home, drop one tablet into your morning glass of water for a spritz in your glass and a spring in your step.  The lightweight cylinder container fits conveniently in a lab bag or a carry-on bag for travel.


Fall forward with confidence and make your life effortless. Happy Labor Day weekend!

BenchFly FlyGirl



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