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Summer, 2014…what a great moment in history. Apple announced “Continuity” at WWDC, the 2016 US Presidential election is starting to ramp up (wait, WHAT!?), England and Spain were knocked out of the World Cup so fast I didn’t even have time to write a joke about bad refereeing and corrupt FIFA officials, and “Fargo” blazed through ten spectacular episodes on FX.

While all that’s been going on, the BenchFly team has been…well, watching Tim Cook’s WWDC keynote, trying to avoid stories about politicians’ book tours, enjoying replays of Robin van Persie’s swan-dive goal, and sitting in slack-jawed amazement at Noah Hawley’s directorial brilliance. We’ve also been updating and expanding BenchFly, and we are really excited for the upcoming rollout of our new features and content. We’ve made tweaks to the site and put together short tutorial videos to help you get started using the platform. New features are also being added to the BenchFly video player, which we will be unveiling over the next several months. In addition, we are developing a series to take scientists at all levels through the logic and process of using video to improve work at the bench, collaboration, product training, and even sales and marketing. If you do science or work for a science company, BenchFly has you covered.

So, as the painfully overused saying goes, watch this space. The changes and new content will be appearing over the next few weeks. You may not care about Germany’s impending World Cup triumph, but you will care about using video to make your professional life easier and more streamlined.

In the meantime if you have questions about BenchFly, want to comment about the site, or feel compelled to claim that “Fargo” was mediocre at best (you’d be wrong, but feel free to say it), check us out on Google+ or drop me a line on Twitter.


David ShifrinDavid received his PhD in Cell Biology from Vanderbilt University, and joined the BenchFly team in March, 2013. David’s interests lie in helping scientists at all levels communicate and market their work to colleagues, the public, potential customers, and that guy down the street who keeps asking about string theory. On the side, David is an avid runner, an occasional cyclist, and a home coffee roaster.


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