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the neb story

New England Biolabs has been a leader in content marketing since before content marketing was cool. Founded as a collaborative of scientists in the mid-1970's, NEB quickly established itself as an essential resource for scientists through its catalog, which can be found on the bench of any molecular biologist in the world. 
The NEB catalog was the first reference book we owned when we joined the lab, so when the opportunity arose to help NEB use video to bring the catalog to life online, we were honored to have the privilege to work with one of the most respected scientific brands in the world.

NEB knows the best content has a play button.

"As much as we all love the print catalog, we believe that if we want to remain a leader we have to commit to video. It’s all well and good to tell people about your products, but more and more, customers want to see how to use them and how to choose the best product for their application."
Deana Martin, Ph.D., Marketing Communications Manager
a conversation with neb
Tanya Osterfield, NEB Digital Marketing Manager)
BF - Do they give tenure around this place, most people have worked here for decades!
NEB - I know. It's a testament to the culture of science our founders established--nobody wants to leave! 
BF - After 30 years, what fuels NEB's passion as a company?
NEB - We're mostly all scientists. Like many of the employees here, I started out working in the lab at NEB. Some stay in the lab and others follow their passion into other departments, but it's the love of science that keeps us here. We have a weekly seminar schedule of outside speakers on par with even the best academic departments. 
BF - I'm assuming your labs get a discount on restriction enzymes...
NEB - Haha, if they ask nicely... Actually, we're a very research-focused company and we use our own products in the lab everyday just like our customers. Like all scientists, our labs are always trying to work more efficiently, which helps us continue to innovate. In fact, our new digital freezer program was a suggestion one of our groups came up with as a solution to better track their own inventory.
BF - You recently launched the new-and-improved, what was the driving force for that change?
NEB - Our website is the easiest way for scientists in the lab to connect with us and we felt like our previous website was not serving them as effectively as we wanted. 
Our new site gives us the opportunity to add a host of new resources and new rich content, including animations and video to support our customers. It also allows researchers to find products by the application we are working with, in addition to more standard product categories.
BF - What is it like to come to work everyday in a 300-year-old mansion?
NEB - It's incredible. The Marketing, Order Entry, Finance and IT groups work in the original house of the property owner where NEB is located. The downstairs has been restored to the original condition and decor of the house and we leave it that way out of respect for the family. Sometimes we think the original owner still sits in on our meetings from time to time! Our LEED Certified laboratory factory is also quite beautiful, and was designed with the local environment in mind.
BF - What is something about NEB that researchers may not know?
NEB - We are a completely green building. We have a three-story terrarium, we compost all consumable waste, and we reduced packaging waste by over 50% last year. Our building sits on a nature preserve, so we've always been extremely sensitive about our environmental impact and footprint.

Leaders know how to do video 

(Spoiler alert: It's not YouTube)

the shift to in-house publishing

"We know that in order to serve up content in the best way possible, it needs to be video. And we knew taking control of it with a platform tailored for scientists was the best way to do this" says Tanya Osterfield, NEB's Digital Marketing Manager. 

So what's the answer: YouTube?

We think not. At least not alone. And 73% of Best-in-Class companies--who have opted to use a private video management platform instead--agree with us.

As the line between scientific companies and content publishers continues to blur, leading companies have taken control of their content and are featuring it in their content marketing strategies. 
A Word from NEB
"Video presents a new world of opportunities for how we interact with and support scientists in the laboratory."

Content is still King

Not all kings are created equal, though.

just ask ann Boleyn.

BenchFly here, don't just take it from us - or Ann Boleyn. Studies show that companies who use video in their content mix require 47% less website traffic to generate a new customer. So you can double your sales essentially in the time it takes to make a video.
More videos equals more sales? This is an easy decision to make.
NEB believes in video.
Imagine what's possible when you believe