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Put an End to Lab-Induced Crocodile Hands with Style

FlyGirl: Put an End to Lab-Induced Crocodile Hands with StyleDear FlyGirl:

Throughout the day, I’m constantly taking gloves on and off. Regardless of the material (latex, nitrile), I always wash my hands after taking the gloves off because my hands either have that gross residue on them (powdered gloves) or they’re sweating (no powder). As a result, my hands are always dry and combined with winter weather, it’s unbearable. I’ve tried lotions, but then my hands feel greasy, which I hate when typing or writing in my notebook, so I end up having to wash them again- and the cycle continues… I’m guessing crocodile hands isn’t very stylish- any suggestions?

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While You Were Out Notes for Scientists

The lab is our workplace and in many ways it’s similar to any other job in a traditional office environment. We have a desk, a boss and a set of coworkers that on occasion can push our buttons. We even have TPS reports – although they’re more often referred to as “notebook entries” or “manuscript reviews” around the lab. However, when a co-worker steps out of the lab, an entirely different set of circumstances may ensue. Now we’re got an easy way to update the missing with the While You Were Out Notes for Scientists.

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Group Meeting Bingo: Keeping Developmental Biologists Awake

Few things are tougher than keeping your New Year’s Lab-olutions for the entire year. Being that this is just the first week back, we’re confident you were able to stay awake during this week’s seminar or group meeting. But alas, 51 weeks of challenge lie ahead and some of those weeks will be filled with seminars in a room that’s a little too warm, group meetings by a lab member that’s a little too boring, or lectures at a conference that are a little too early.

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New Year’s Lab-olutions

Happy New Year, BenchFlies! It’s that time of year again, when people around the world promise themselves they’ll drop 20lbs, or kick their pack-a-day habit, or actually use the gym membership they purchased months ago.

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Should You Buy Your PI a Holiday Gift? (If You Want to Graduate…)

It’s hard enough to finish holiday shopping for friends and family, so the idea of adding another person to the list, who likely does not fall into either of those categories, may seem to defy logic. But our PI is not just some stranger we met on the bus. For three to five (or six, or eight) years, they are the steward of our career and our relationship with them will govern the professional opportunities we will enjoy for years to come. So sure, they may have chewed us out when we accidentally performed the assay on the wrong cell line, but they also gave us a chance to do research in their lab and made sure the paychecks didn’t bounce. What better way to show our appreciation and let bygones be bygones than by closing out the year with a holiday gift for the PI…right? Bueller?…Bueller?…Bueller?…

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Effortless Gourmet: The Fig and Stilton Holiday Appetizer

Fig stilton endive appetizerBasal stress level feel twice as high as normal? Bank account looking unusually meager? Energy level feel like 2011 was a marathon and you’re just trying to roll across the finish line? Of course they do – it’s holiday crunch time, we’d expect nothing less. For many of us, this weekend promises house cleaning, grocery shopping, menu planning and gift purchasing all in anticipation of the coming holiday festivities. And if we’re lucky, a holiday party or two will add some eggnog to the mix. So we’re especially thankful to Jean Calvert, who contributed this delicious – and easy – appetizer that will impress friends and family alike.

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FlyGirl: A-Mean-Ol-AcidWe know that acids can generate some pretty stunning results when mixed with the right agents.  However, the wrong combination of acids can also generate the none too pleasant result of stains and wretched breath.  None of us are immune and all of us are affected when this reaction occurs.  With the holidays upon us, gluttonous eating and drinking is inevitable.  Cranberry sauce, red wine, coffee and sufganiyah bring merriment and joy, but also deleterious acidic aftereffects.  Whether you plan on cozying up next to a Thanksgiving fire with someone, kissing someone under the mistletoe, or lighting the menorah candles next to a special someone, it is imperative that you eliminate all residue of gastronomic chemical reactions.  This holiday season give the gift of inhalation intervention.  Leave the stink to Mr. Scrooge.

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Bringing Style to Science, Literally. Introducing: FlyGirl

Today our efforts here at BenchFly to makeover the image of the scientist take a huge leap forward and we couldn’t be more excited. We are completely honored to announce that one of New York’s premier make-up artists and stylists has agreed to help with the transformation. In her new monthly column FlyGirl (as she will be known to avoid contractural disputes with current employers), will share industry-insider information, tips and tricks for seriously updating our image with minimal cost and effort – clearly, she understands scientists…

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The Evolution of Lab: What Came First?

The Evolution of LabWhat, by definition, is capable of response to stimuli, growth and development, reproduction, and maintenance of homeostasis? That’s right, a lab! Wait, isn’t the answer ‘an organism’? Sure, but in many respects a lab is an organism. It responds to stimuli (getting excited about the arrival of a new piece of equipment), grows and develops (increasing the size of lab and the complexity of questions asked), reproduces (creating scientific offspring that go on to start their own research careers) and maintains homeostasis (not letting that one obnoxious labmate ruin the group for everyone).

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Your Road to the PhD: Who Are You Thankful For?

Whether a Derby-winning horse, a Grammy-nominated musician, or a PhD-obtaining scientist, there exists a cast of unsung heroes who have made the individual’s success possible. We might not have three trainers, a jockey and eat carrots all day long, but we certainly have people who have popped us with the whip every once in a while to keep us going. Fortunately, they’re usually the same people that are there to catch us when we stumble as well. With Thanksgiving just a few days away, let’s take a moment to remember, appreciate, and thank the entourage that made our pursuit of science possible.

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