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Proper Interview Attire: Are Jeans Acceptable?

Last week, FlyGirl made the case for how to dress for an interview using two fashion icons, Magnum PI and Don Draper, to illustrate the point. The take home message is that – yes, even in academia – selecting proper interview attire is important. Whether we like it or not, our outfit is busy communicating with our potential employer long before we open our mouth – so let’s make sure it’s not sabotaging our interview.

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How to Dress for an Interview: Don Draper vs. Magnum PI

FlyGirl: How to Dress for an Interview: Don Draper vs. Magnum PIFlyGirl-

How do you dress for an interview without looking too overdressed or underdressed?

Cheers, Sam

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Fun, Fast Workouts for Small Spaces (Like Labs!)

Tired of your Lab Physique?  Hunched over, head forward, shoulders slumped, eyes straining, butt widening, legs atrophying?  Fight back!  Rediscover the pleasure of moving your body.  Don’t wait.  Do it now.

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MSG: An Ionic Dream

FlyGirl: An Ionic DreamDear FlyGirl,

Do salt scrubs really make you glow like the spa menu descriptions claim?  The treatments sound awesome but they are pricey so I want to make a smart decision. 


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Soul Science: Genetics and Tantra with Ingrid Borecki, PhD

“Then according to the laws of the universe under Tantra, evil does not exist.”

This is a bold statement made by Rod Stryker during a ParaYoga teacher training back in 2009 or so.  It was during my early days as a developing yogini, and this statement warmed my heart and soul, and made the world seem to be a safe place where anything is possible.

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Soul Science: Where Biological and Complementary Research Meet

I am a huge fan of scientists and of yogis.

I have spent the last 14 years absorbed in the world of life science.  I’ve spent many hours talking w/ scientists about their experiments, their labs, and their lives.  This helped me define a career focused on customer service, sales, market research, and finally social media.  The best part of my job is when I get to spend time talking to scientists about their research and careers.

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Summer Essentials: Panzanella Salad and Herb Scissors

For those of us in the northern hemisphere, this weekend serves as the unofficial kick-off to summer. So pull the tarp off of the grill, dust off the cooler, and pour yourself a cold drink – it’s time to hit the outdoors. Of course, as the heat cranks up, we may opt to step away from the charcoal inferno in the Weber to eat something a bit more refreshing. So what better source for summer inspiration is there than the aptly named Barefoot Contessa.

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Music in Lab: MyTunes, iTunes or NoTunes?

Dear Dora: Music in Lab?Dear Dora,

We need a moderator in a debate that’s recently come to a head in lab: Should music be allowed in the lab?


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Jean Expression

FlyGirl: Jean ExpressionWe all know that gene regulation is an important aspect for the function of the gene in a cell.   Well, I am willing to argue that the regulation is equally important in the facilitation your own personal jean expression.  How do you want to feel when you don your denim?  Since you’re reading this article, then I suspect your answer is “confident and current.”  It does not take a genius to incorporate these few jean inspired looks.  Fortunately, you all ARE geniuses, so I am confident that you will remain current.

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Are Unlimited Online Backup Services Really Unlimited?

Data storage and backup are becoming more and more important as our lives become more and more digital. The average computer user has at least a couple gigabytes of important data that mustn’t be lost. However, very few people actually think about backing up their data, let alone backing it up in the cloud. There is also a common misconception that it is enough to have a single backup on a secondary disk or external hard drive. While this is the first step it is like going to the doctor and only taking one of the several medications she prescribed.

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