Being a scientist isn’t just about doing experiments, so neither are we. This is where we make breakthroughs beyond the bench for scientists.

The Trifecta: STEM, 3D Learning, and ART

Equal opportunity, preparation for college and career, innovations to improve people’s lives, and a competitive US position in a global economy—- these are the needs that are driving a rethink of the approach to education.  Leading the transformation of education are initiatives like STEM and a vision for a new approach to teaching and learning articulated in A Framework for K-12 Science Education.

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A Changing Focus in Education

We are changemakers. We are learners. We are educators.

A changing focus in education

American education is in the midst of a major transformation, driven in large part, by a technology-focused global economy. Societal shifts like the Industrial Revolution had great impacts on education in the past. We can now ask ourselves, how is the digital revolution affecting the jobs and opportunities that await America’s students?

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Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News Chooses BenchFly

We’re very excited to announce our new partnership with Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News (GEN) to help bring two new video-based services to scientists. For more information, see the original release below. To learn more about how you can participate in Product Pioneers or Rising Stars of Science, please contact us at: [email protected].

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The Science of Thriving: Empowering Your Life in the Lab

The Science of Thriving: Empowering Your Life in the LabAnyone who has worked in a lab for more than a month understands that with the great excitement of research also comes frustration. This is part of the process of working at the forefront of knowledge–some ideas are going to work and some aren’t. As scientists, our job is to make advances in our understanding of the world around us and that doesn’t always come easily. However, we understand (first hand!) the toll that failed experiments can have on our attitude, motivation, and general outlook on career prospects. But if “understanding our experiments” is a matter of science, then how is “understanding our success” any different? Glad you asked…
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What is the Perfect Backup Plan?

Has your computer lately slowed down considerably? Or did you hear weird noises emerging from your hard drive? Are you surfing a lot on the web? Well, if you answer all those questions with a resounding ‘yes’, then hard drive failure will be the inevitable consequence in a couple of weeks. And I know there is this constant nagging feeling that something is missing. Something important. Something you always wanted to do. Yes! A backup. But how do you start and what is the best backup strategy? In this article I’ll talk about a couple of options that you have to backup your data and finally enjoy peace of mind.

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When Your Favorite Custom Cosmetics Disappear…Never Fear

Dear FlyGirl,

My favorite lip color is discontinued! Why?!? This has happened a few times actually. I looked on Ebay, but couldn’t find it. Do you have any other suggestions on how to find or replicate the color?

Thank you,


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Ref Lockout Homemade Thai Takeout

Thai meatball ingredients

National Football League refs may have been hungry this year but they settled their beef last week, returning to the field and ending weeks of lock out frustration for fans, coaches and players. The stalemate culminated in the final moments of Sunday’s Green Bay Packers vs. Seattle Seahawks game where a scab ref’s mistake meant misfortune for Packers’ safety M. D. Jennings. Jennings was not only robbed of a clear interception, but adding insult to injury, the Seahawks’ intended receiver, Golden Tate, was given credit for the catch on a missed penalty call resulting in a touchdown and Seattle winning it 14-12. (VIDEO: Worst NFL call ever?)

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FlyGirl: Life’s Stain Removers

FlyGirl: Life's Stain RemoversDear FlyGirl,

Do you have any advice on how to get out a stain from the one pair of dress pants that I own?  My girlfriend said club soda is supposed to work, but I’ve never liked dipping my napkin in a drink and wiping myself at dinner, especially if I am with people I’m trying to impress. It’s probably time that I learn some discretion.



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The Marriage of Evolutionary Biology & Dharma Yoga

Soul Science: The Marriage of Evolutionary Biology & Dharma YogaThe acting world has their triple threat –  3 talents (acting, singing AND dancing) that are marks of greatness, and the science world has Dr. Holly Bik. She combines DNA lab work, computational biology, and science communications in the world of ocean science. (Personalized medicine and healthcare genomics, don’t be sad, but after 14 years of adoring you alone, now I also have a crush on Marine Biology.)

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The Scientific Talk Report Card

The Scientific Talk Report CardColleague: “Hey, can you come to my practice talk later? I’d really like your feedback.”

You: (In your head: “I’d rather count the number of salt granules required to make a liter of Tris buffer.”) Uh, sure.

And just like that, you’re signed up to listen to an unpolished talk and provide the critical feedback that will hopefully right the ship. Worse, your colleague invited that windbag from the lab down the hall who lives to hear the sound of their own voice. If only there was some way to provide structure to the feedback process. If only…

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