Frequently Asked Questions

What is BenchFly?

BenchFly is the premiere video platform for scientists designed by research and video experts. We provide both open access and private solutions to labs and companies allowing researchers worldwide to communicate via the universal language - video. No tip, trick, technique or product recommendation is too small – if it helps you, it will help someone else. To learn more about our mission and who's involved, pop over to the About page.

What is the BenchFly Reactor?

Reactor is the easiest and safest way for labs and companies to create, manage and distribute video content. Whether you're a newbie or a video veteran, Reactor's full-service platform gives you the flexibility to create professional content effortlessly on demand. Want to learn more and discuss how Reactor can help you? Click here.

Is BenchFly only about video protocols?

Nope! While we firmly believe video will revolutionize the way we perform research, our goal is to help support scientists both in and out of the lab any way we can. So in addition to videos, we also publish regular articles on our blog dealing with professional and personal issues facing today’s scientists.

Topics range from science career development resources to how to maintain your sanity in the lab and everything in between. Heck, we even share cheap and easy recipes since recent research has clearly demonstrated that even though scientists are extremely busy, they still need to eat.

Do I need a subscription to watch video protocols?

No. We started BenchFly with the mission to help train scientists around the world, regardless of whether their lab or library could afford a subscription. If you have an internet connection and a pulse, you have access.

I’d like to contribute, what’s next?

Ready to increase your visibility within the scientific community? There are a few easy ways to get started.

Upload a video of your own

To upload a video of your own, just login or sign-up for a free account. Select the “Upload a video” button and select your video file. Within a few seconds you’ll be a contributing member of the BenchFly community!

Publish an article in our blog

To publish an article in our blog, email us with your idea or draft. Don’t have an idea yet? Contact us anyway and we’ll be happy to brainstorm with you.

Join the BenchFly team

To inquire about joining the BenchFly team, email us to get the conversation started. We know life at the bench is hectic, so whether you’re looking to contribute part-time or full-time, we welcome all inquiries.

Can you help me make a video?

You bet! We realize that it can be hard to find the time to shoot a video and not everyone shares our passion for video production. If you’d like to talk about how our Emmy Award-winning team can help produce videos for your lab or company, feel free to contact us and check out samples of our previous work.